8″ Black Vase LED Base

Check Price for 8

This super bright, awesome 8″ Black Base has approximately 27 mode combinations of White Light and RGB for your centerpieces, bottles, floral arrangements and just about anything you need to showcase in the coolest way possible! Simply hit the switch on the side of the base to turn the unit on and then toggle between the 27 mode combinations:

RGB solid, white solid, fade of all colors, solid blue, solid green, solid red, solid red and blue, solid red and green, solid blue and green, and all above color combos with twinkling white light, solid white light accents, or flashing white lights.

Requires (6) AA batteries (not included).
8″ diameter. 5 center lights, 8 lights on the edge. Features a soft foam topper on the base and foam pads on the bottom. Also features a screw threading on the bottom of the base to be hung..