Glow Birthday Party Kit

Glow Birthday Party Kit
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This pack is perfect for a gift, a child’s camp care package, or a prize package. It contains: one pair of red, led glasses, one pair of neon, silly straw eyeglasses, one mini blacklight keychain, one led light-up beach ball, one pair of bright-yellow light-up shoelaces, and one green, 6″ glow stick! The gifts make for great party events since all the items can be used and shared. All items come ready to go and ready to make even the darkest night colorful and full of light. Kids and adults alike will be able to use all these items and have a ton of fun doing so.
1 / LED Sunglasses/ 3 modes:(Red)
1 / Neon Silly Straw Glasses
1 / LED Shoelaces: Yellow/ 2 modes
1 / Mini Blacklight Keychain
1 / 6″ Green Glow Stick
1 / LED Light-Up Beachball