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18″ LED Rainbow Bulb with Fixture

Check Price for 18

Check out this brand new type of LED 18″ Rainbow Light Fixture. You’ve probably seen a black light bulb before, but never a rainbow one like this! Add it to your party to release some fun vibes, or use as a household decoration! All of your friends and partygoers will be impressed by this addition.

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LED Mini Spinner Wand

LED Mini Spinner Wand
Check Price for LED Mini Spinner Wand

This awesome Spinner features 4 multi-colored LED lights that will mesmerize and transform the dark. Press the button on the handle and watch the lights inside the orb spin!

4 Multi-colored LEDs.

5″ Tall. Attached string lanyard.

Batteries included..

Super Bright Shorties (15-Pack)

Super Bright Shorties (15-Pack)
Check Price for Super Bright Shorties (15-Pack)

Our multi-purpose Super Bright Glow Sticks make-shift drink stirrers, or just toss a bunch around your room, event space, or pool for some added glow! Sold as packs of 15 with 15 connectors. Super Bright Shortie replacements are 6.5″ long and fit inside the “Cool Glow” line of products.

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Premium LED Sunglasses (Blue)

Premium LED Sunglasses (Blue)
Check Price for Premium LED Sunglasses (Blue)

Our premium-quality LED sunglasses have several different lighting modes! You’ve seen them around at theme parks and events, now own your own light up sunglasses from Glowsource! These battery-powered, LED glasses are push-button operated. Choose your frame color and get some today! Some have different lighting modes and may vary from photos shown on site.

*Most solid color glasses contain red lights within.


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Glow Glasses – Red Star (Sold Individually)

Glow Glasses - Red Star (Sold Individually)
Check Price for Glow Glasses - Red Star (Sold Individually)

Brighten the mood at any event with our SureGlow Red Star glasses. We guarantee that this item will put a smile on anyone’s face. Each set of glow glasses is packed in special reinforced tubing to ensure that there is no accidental activation. Our glasses deliver a brighter and longer lasting glow then any others around. Order with confidence and glow well into the night. That’s the SureGlow difference! Some Assembly Required Item Code: GLO-STARE Product Red Shelf Life: 1-2 Years Glow Duration: 6-12 Hours
Product Packaging: Individual
Sold in Increments of: 1
Glow glasses per Case: 300
Suggested Retail: $2.00- $3.00.

Giant Beach Ball with LED Stick – 24″ Diameter

Giant Beach Ball with LED Stick - 24
Check Price for Giant Beach Ball with LED Stick - 24

These Giant, 24″ diameter, light-up Beach Balls will blow you away. You can toss ’em, have them as decorations, hang them, wear them or just stare at them. The pressure of the inflated Ball keeps the Lighted Foam Stick inside, and your night bright with this illuminated ball. Each ball is white and comes with (1) 6-mode Lighted Foam Stick.  

The light sticks are not waterproof. We recommend covering opening of beach ball if using in pool.

For additional light sticks: LED Foam Sticks

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Glow in the Dark Toilet Paper

Glow in the Dark Toilet Paper
Check Price for Glow in the Dark Toilet Paper

What’s soft, cushiony, and Glows in the last place you’d ever expect anything to Glow? This Glow in the Dark Toilet Paper! It looks perfectly normal until the lights go out. All of sudden it’s bright and Glowing green. You’ll get a nice, heavy Toilet Paper roll to last you around 40 uses, depending upon how much you need to “Glow.”.

Glow Straws (50 per pack)

Glow Straws (50 per pack)
Check Price for Glow Straws (50 per pack)

With our Glow Straws you get to watch the inner glow stick move up and down as you drink. Glowing Straws are great for kids and adults alike, everyone can have fun playing around while enjoying their drink. Pack of 50 straws. Straws are 9″ long.

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Orange 4″ Glow Sticks (50-Pack)

Orange 4
Check Price for Orange 4

If you’re looking for a way to make your next event exciting then try our premium 4″ light sticks. Not only are they the brightest on the market, but they last the longest! Each stick comes with a lanyard so string them together to decorate a room, line a walkway, or wear them as an accessory. Whatever the use, we know you will be satisfied. Item Code: GLO-4AS Product Color: Assorted Width: 10mm Length: 4″ Shelf Life: 1-2 Years Glow Duration: 6-12 Hours Product Packaging: Bulk Sold in Increments of: 50 Glow sticks per Case: 1000 Suggested Retail: $2.00- $4.00.

Giant Light Stick (Blue)

Giant Light Stick (Blue)
Check Price for Giant Light Stick (Blue)

These super sweet 19.5″ long Light Sticks will really get a party started. Each Stick has 3 modes of light motion: fast blink, blink, and fade. Use different modes at crucial moments during the party. These Sticks can light up a crowd unlike any glow stick ever could but barely weigh anything. It will look like an army of light-saber wielding storm troopers when people raise these in a giant crowd. There are several sets of super bright LED lights in each, and an easy to hold handle. Pull out the plastic tab to activate for the first time and you’re good to go!

Height: 19.5″
Top Diameter: 1.20″
Bottom Diameter: 1″
Replacement Batteries:(4) AG13


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