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Blacklight Reactive Lipstick

Blacklight Reactive Lipstick
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Let your lips do the talking in this Blacklight Reflective Lipstick! These 16 oz, non-toxic Lipsticks make any party a supernatural experience that no one will forget. Available in bold colors that are bright in normal light but ultra bright in Blacklight. Either way, you’ll be lighting up the town so leave your mark everywhere you can. Who needs sunlight when you’ve got the Blacklight to make you so much hotter. All colors are vibrant exaggerations in Blacklight, black Lipstick appears as a glowing white with green undertones.

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Yellow Glow Bunny Ears

Yellow Glow Bunny Ears
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With Glow Ears it doesn’t matter if you are a kid or adult. They are literally fun for Everyone. Glow Bunny Ears are hair headbands with Glow Connectors built in. Just crack the Glow Sticks and and place the ends inside the connectors on the headband. Great Glow Party value.
Item Code: GBE100Y_S
Product Color: Yellow
Shelf Life: 1-2 Years
Glow Duration: 6-8 Hours
Product Packaging: Individual
Sold in Increments of: 1
Suggested Retail: $2.00- $3.00.

Glow Beach Ball 10″ Aqua

Glow Beach Ball 10
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Glow Beach Balls: Bonfires are great and all but sometimes the beach at night could use a little modern flair (and maybe a volleyball tourney?): enter our glow beach balls. Not just great for the beach, use indoors or out at whatever occasion you see fit, the choice is yours! Glow Beach Balls are 10″ in diameter and include a glowstick.

*Colors may vary from image.

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Check Price for RED GLOW SWORD

Each Red Glow Sword comes individually packaged, ready for quick assembly. Simply activate the glow stick and insert into the sword handle for a fully functioning glowing sword. Item Code: GLO-SRE Product Color: Red Width: 4″ Length: 12″ Glow Duration: 4-6 Hours Product Packaging: Individual Sold in Increments of: 12 Suggested Retail: $3.00- $5.00.

22″ Premium Glow Necklaces Aqua (50 per Pack)

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These vibrant necklaces will have you feeling happy. Unlike inferior products, our necklaces are 6 mm wide and come with the connectors already attached. Perfect for a variety of ages, save both time and money by using SureGlow brand necklaces at your next big event. Item Code: GN100AQU_S Product Color: Aqua Width: 6mm Length: 22″ Shelf Life: 1-2 Years Glow Duration: 6-12 Hours Product Packaging: Bulk Sold in Increments of: 50 Necklaces per Case: 600 Connectors: Attached Suggested Retail: $2.00- $4.00

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Light Up Charm Bangle Bracelets

Light Up Charm Bangle Bracelets
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These adorable Bangle Bracelets come in Bows and Hearts, all of which light up with red and blue LED Lights at the press of a button. They have an open band to fit most hands. These make great party favors, costume accessories and everything in between. They have one mode of flashing light. The Bracelets are chosen at random, we cannot guarantee or pick one particular style.

Batteries (included, non-replaceable)..

Spinning Helicopter Gun

Spinning Helicopter Gun
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The latest creation to hit our product line is the flashing magic spinner gun. Each gun is silver and red or blue in color and has a magic spinning ball built in that lights up. Pull the trigger and watch as the barrel also lights up and listen as the gun makes cool space aged sounds. Buy some of these guns to make your next event magical. Item Code: LU-GUN Product Color: Silver Gun, Red & Blue Assortment, Mulit-Color LEDs Batteries Included: Yes Product Packaging: Bulk Sold in Increments of: 1 Batteries Installed: Yes Battery Type: AA Suggested Retail: $5.00-$6.00.

8″ Bi-Color Glow Bracelet Purple/Orange (50-Pack)

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These bi-color purple and orange glow bracelets are packed 50 pieces per tube and they come packaged with the connectors separate. Perfect for fundraising, parties, and major events like New Year’s Eve and Graduation, these bracelets are guaranteed to be a real crowd pleaser. PLEASE NOTE: connectors are NOT attached on these bracelets, but they are included. Item Code: GLO-8PO Product Color: Purple/Orange Width: 5mm Length: 8″ Shelf Life: 1-2 Years Glow Duration: 6-12 Hours Product Packaging: Bulk Sold in Increments of: 50 Glow bracelets per Case: 2500 Connectors: Included Suggested Retail: $1.00- $3.00.

Glow Mask: Bat

Glow Mask: Bat
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All parties are better with Masks and these Masks aren’t your ordinary face Masks. These Masks Glow! Simply crack and shake the glow sticks and place them into the circles around the eye holes. Then place the elastic banded plastic Mask on and you’re good to go! There is 1 Masks in one pack so get ready to party!


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