Giant Light Stick (Pink)

Giant Light Stick (Pink)
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These super sweet 19.5″ long Light Sticks will really get a party started. Each Stick has 3 modes of light motion: fast blink, blink, and fade. Use different modes at crucial moments during the party. These Sticks can light up a crowd unlike any glow stick ever could but barely weigh anything. It will look like an army of light-saber wielding storm troopers when people raise these in a giant crowd. There are several sets of super bright LED lights in each, and an easy to hold handle. Pull out the plastic tab to activate for the first time and you’re good to go!

Height: 19.5″
Top Diameter: 1.20″
Bottom Diameter: 1″
Replacement Batteries:(4) AG13


LED Christmas Tree Glasses

LED Christmas Tree Glasses
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These amazing Christmas Tree Glasses are going to make your real Christmas Tree jealous! These ultra-big frames have 3 modes of Red, Green, and Blue Light on the Christmas Trees and on the arms of the Glasses: Steady, Blink, Flash. These Glasses fit most adult faces and have the activation switch on the end of the right arm.
Batteries: (3) AG13 (included).

Glow Beach Ball 10″ Yellow

Glow Beach Ball 10
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Glow Beach Balls: Bonfires are great and all but sometimes the beach at night could use a little modern flair (and maybe a volleyball tourney?): enter our glow beach balls. Not just great for the beach, use indoors or out at whatever occasion you see fit, the choice is yours! Glow Beach Balls are 10″ in diameter and include a glowstick.

*Colors may vary from image.

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Premium LED Sunglasses (Orange)

Premium LED Sunglasses (Orange)
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Our premium-quality LED sunglasses have several different lighting modes! You’ve seen them around at theme parks and events, now own your own light up sunglasses from Glowsource! These battery-powered, LED glasses are push-button operated. Choose your frame color and get some today! Some have different lighting modes and may vary from photos shown on site.

*Most solid color glasses contain red lights within.


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LED Foam Sticks – “Happy Birthday!” Imprint (Pack of 10)

LED Foam Sticks -
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Sold in packs of 10, these are our awesome 15.5″ Glowing Lighted Foam Sticks with a “Happy Birthday!” imprint applied. If you’re in a bind and need a super fun party favor for a last minute birthday party, these lighted foam sticks are your saving grace! These Lighted Foam Sticks are great at birthday parties, concerts, bars, clubs, and any glow event. You can see it 10 times brighter than any glow stick and it is super soft to the touch. 6 modes of LED blinking and fading solid colors and a hyperactive flash of all colors at once. Hyper-flash RGB, slow fade RGB, steady purple-pink, blink red, blink green, and blink blue.The moment these Foam Sticks hit your event everyone’s going crazy!
Please Note: These are “imprinted” with a clear label.
Allow for one extra day production time.

Custom Print Details

Height: 15.5″
Top Diameter: 1.75″
Bottom Diameter: 1.75″
Replacement Batteries:(3) LR44 (1.5V)

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Free batteries.

LED Cup/Bottle Illuminators (10-Pack)

LED Cup/Bottle Illuminators (10-Pack)
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These awesome self-sticking Light-Up Stickers also known as drink lights will take your party to the next level. They have 7 modes of lighting at the push of a discreet button.

Simply peel the edges off the Sticker and stick it to the bottom of your bottle, cup, glass, vase and then press the button unit you get the right mode. The Stickers are meant for one use. Even though the Sticker loses it’s stickability after one use, the LED Light will operate for at least 10 hours. You can use it as decoration or bar accessory when removed from the bottle.

7 modes per Sticker: steady on 6 solid colors and rgb fade.

Select 10 or 50 Stickers per pack. Batteries included (non-replaceable)..

Light Up Circle Ring

Light Up Circle Ring
Check Price for Light Up Circle Ring

These awesome LED Circle Rings will make you the king or queen of the night scene. They adjust to most finger sizes with an open band. Press a discreet button on the side for 1 mode: steady light . White with RGB lights is one mode, fading through multicolors.

Batteries included (non-replaceable)
Approximately 22 hours of lighted time..

LED Crystal Devil Horns: Multicolor Red/Blue

LED Crystal Devil Horns: Multicolor Red/Blue
Check Price for LED Crystal Devil Horns: Multicolor Red/Blue

These Crystal Devil Horns look like our red crystal devil horns, but they also have blue lights! They are crystal clear when they’re not lit up but as soon as you flip the with, they glow with bright, red and blue lights. Get ready for some wild and crazy nights.

Batteries: 3 AG13 (Included).

Modes: 1, Solid lighting effect, no flash.

Crystal clear Horns when not turned on, red and blue led lights inside when on..

Blue Dolphin Bubble Gun – 2 Bottles

Blue Dolphin Bubble Gun - 2 Bottles
Check Price for Blue Dolphin Bubble Gun - 2 Bottles

The same old-fashioned fun of blowing bubbles with none of the mess, and now with all the fun of going to a marine animal theme park! Simply pull the trigger and the Blue Dolphin Bubble Gun automatically shoots bubbles and gives you a free light-show at the same time! What’s more, not only does the gun itself light up, but the bubbles appear to light up too! (Includes 2 bottle of bubbles). For the fastest results it is best to prime the trigger by pressing down and releasing until you see bubbles appear. Free shipping does not apply to this product on quantities of 36 pieces or more. If your online order qualifies for free shipping, your invoice will be changed to reflect the shipping charge for the bubble guns. Please call before placing your order for an accurate shipping quote. Item Code: LU-BGD2 Product Color: Multi-color LED lights Batteries Included: Yes Product Packaging: Individual Sold in Increments of: 1 Batteries Installed: Yes Battery Type: AA Batteries per Piece: 3 Suggested Retail: $10.00- $12.00.

LED Fidget Spinner- Assorted Colors

LED Fidget Spinner- Assorted Colors
Check Price for LED Fidget Spinner- Assorted Colors

Fidget Spinners are all the rave this year! Each hand spinner can spin for over 200 rotations on a single spin! Each of the three axis?s have red, blue, and green LEDs inside. To turn on there is a push button switch. You can set lights to illuminate in one of three different modes! Modes include: fast strobing, color morphing, and quick blink. Batteries Included. Sold in Increments of: 1. *Fidget spinners come in (YELLOW, BLUE, LIGHT BLUE, AND RED.) and selected at random..

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