Glow in the Dark Toilet Paper

Glow in the Dark Toilet Paper
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What’s soft, cushiony, and Glows in the last place you’d ever expect anything to Glow? This Glow in the Dark Toilet Paper! It looks perfectly normal until the lights go out. All of sudden it’s bright and Glowing green. You’ll get a nice, heavy Toilet Paper roll to last you around 40 uses, depending upon how much you need to “Glow.”.

Glow Straws (50 per pack)

Glow Straws (50 per pack)
Check Price for Glow Straws (50 per pack)

With our Glow Straws you get to watch the inner glow stick move up and down as you drink. Glowing Straws are great for kids and adults alike, everyone can have fun playing around while enjoying their drink. Pack of 50 straws. Straws are 9″ long.

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Triple Wide Glow Bracelet Bangle

Triple Wide Glow Bracelet Bangle
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These awesome Glow Bracelet Bangles are the bold, patriotic accessories you’ve been looking for! They are three times the size of a regular Glow Bracelet and that means three times the fun! Get ready to glow like you never have before.

8.0″ (long) x 0.5″ (wide).

One Bracelet per package..

Orange 4″ Glow Sticks (50-Pack)

Orange 4
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If you’re looking for a way to make your next event exciting then try our premium 4″ light sticks. Not only are they the brightest on the market, but they last the longest! Each stick comes with a lanyard so string them together to decorate a room, line a walkway, or wear them as an accessory. Whatever the use, we know you will be satisfied. Item Code: GLO-4AS Product Color: Assorted Width: 10mm Length: 4″ Shelf Life: 1-2 Years Glow Duration: 6-12 Hours Product Packaging: Bulk Sold in Increments of: 50 Glow sticks per Case: 1000 Suggested Retail: $2.00- $4.00.

Giant Light Stick (Blue)

Giant Light Stick (Blue)
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These super sweet 19.5″ long Light Sticks will really get a party started. Each Stick has 3 modes of light motion: fast blink, blink, and fade. Use different modes at crucial moments during the party. These Sticks can light up a crowd unlike any glow stick ever could but barely weigh anything. It will look like an army of light-saber wielding storm troopers when people raise these in a giant crowd. There are several sets of super bright LED lights in each, and an easy to hold handle. Pull out the plastic tab to activate for the first time and you’re good to go!

Height: 19.5″
Top Diameter: 1.20″
Bottom Diameter: 1″
Replacement Batteries:(4) AG13


Light-up Slingshot Flyer

Light-up Slingshot Flyer
Check Price for Light-up Slingshot Flyer

This awesome Slingshot Flyer will light up the sky with spinning, flashing action! Simply setup the Flyer as instructed on the package. Set the Flyer into the rubber band Slinger and pull. The Flyer will burst into the air and spin a whirlwind of blue light high into the air.

Flyer is approximately 5″ long. Includes Flyer and Rubber Band Slinger.

Batteries: (2) AG13 (included, replaceable)..

Cool Glow Cups 12oz. Blue (50 per pack!)

Cool Glow Cups 12oz. Blue (50 per pack!)
Check Price for Cool Glow Cups 12oz. Blue (50 per pack!)

Cool Glow Cups are the ideal, inexpensive solution to your glow in the dark party cup needs. Whether your planning a house party or a prom…, Your party isn’t complete without our Cool Glow Cups! Pack includes 50 Patented Cool Glow Tall Cup Collars, 50 12 oz. plastic disposable cups, and 50 Super Bright Shorty glow sticks.

Pack includes:
– 50 Patented Cool Glow Tall Cup Collars (also called Bottle Collars)
– 50 12 oz. plastic disposable cups
– 50 Super Bright Shorty Glow Sticks

Place the tall collar on the cups, then wind 1 to 2 activated glow sticks into the bottom of the collar Note: do NOT use included connectors, these are included if you want to use extra Super Bright Shorties as glow bracelets.

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22″ Premium Swirl Glow Necklaces Green/Yellow/Purple (50 per Pack)

Check Price for 22

The newest swirl necklace in our line is the festiveGreen/Purple/Yellow combination. Each necklace is 22″ long and 6 mm wide (unlike inferior products). Great for fundraisers, parties and giveaways our glow necklaces are a guaranteed hit! Why choose one shade of glow necklace when you can have three of your favorite colors all in one? This item is enhanced to show detail in the photo. Item Code: GLO-22SGYP Product Color: Green/Purple/Yellow Width: 6mm Length: 22″ Shelf Life: 1-2 Years Glow Duration: 4-6 Hours Product Packaging: Bulk Sold in Increments of: 50 Necklaces per Case: 600 Connectors: Attached Suggested Retail: $2.00-$3.00/per piece.

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Silver Bottle Cap Case Round LED Coasters

Silver Bottle Cap Case Round LED Coasters
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LED Light Up Coasters are an excellent addition to drinks of all kinds, perfect for bars, or for event planners to use as lighted centerpieces. These coasters use 3 LED lights to create a stunning light show inside your glass. Select your casing style and LED lighting mode to create the ideal lighted coaster! Measures 3.75″ wide x 1″ tall.

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LED Foam Sticks – “Happy Birthday!” Imprint (Pack of 10)

LED Foam Sticks -
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Sold in packs of 10, these are our awesome 15.5″ Glowing Lighted Foam Sticks with a “Happy Birthday!” imprint applied. If you’re in a bind and need a super fun party favor for a last minute birthday party, these lighted foam sticks are your saving grace! These Lighted Foam Sticks are great at birthday parties, concerts, bars, clubs, and any glow event. You can see it 10 times brighter than any glow stick and it is super soft to the touch. 6 modes of LED blinking and fading solid colors and a hyperactive flash of all colors at once. Hyper-flash RGB, slow fade RGB, steady purple-pink, blink red, blink green, and blink blue.The moment these Foam Sticks hit your event everyone’s going crazy!
Please Note: These are “imprinted” with a clear label.
Allow for one extra day production time.

Custom Print Details

Height: 15.5″
Top Diameter: 1.75″
Bottom Diameter: 1.75″
Replacement Batteries:(3) LR44 (1.5V)

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