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Shamrock LED Necklace

Shamrock LED Necklace
Check Price for Shamrock LED Necklace

Make your St. Patrick’s Day festivities or Spring events even better with a Flashing LED Shamrock Necklace! It’s green, 30 inches long and will bring you a ton of luck. Every other Shamrock lights up.

One flashing mode that can be turned on by the button on the battery pack.

Batteries included and installed. Sold one 30 inch necklace per pack..

Festival Party Pack- Version 1

Festival Party Pack- Version 1
Check Price for Festival Party Pack- Version 1

Do you love going to Festivals but hate figuring out what to bring with you? Our Festival Party Pack makes things easier for you! Stop worrying and start having fun!

Our party pack includes:
(1) Glominex Glow Body Paint 1oz jar Pink
(1) Glominex Glow Body Paint 1oz jar Yellow
(1) Giant Light-Up Beach Ball: Pink
(1) LED Flower Headband
(1) 6-LED Chaser Necklace: Blue (5-mode)
(1) LED Tube Necklace/Headband: Green
(1) Blinking LED Earrings – Purple
(1) Blue Glow Thick Bracelet Bangles
(1) Light Up Circle Ring: Red
(1) Flashing Spike Bracelet – Blue
(1) Glow Earrings (1 pair) Blue
(4) Glow Heart Shaped Glasses Orange Retail Carded
(4) Yellow Glow Glasses (Singles)

Blink Pop Display Box (12 pops per pack!)

Blink Pop Display Box (12 pops per pack!)
Check Price for Blink Pop Display Box (12 pops per pack!)

Who doesn’t like LED Lighted candy? And who doesn’t like fun light up LED’s? Nobody we know, that’s for sure… That’s why we here at Glowsource love Blink Pops! They’re delicious and entertaining while you’re eating them. When you’re done you’ve got a lighted LED necklace! Display box contains 12 suckers (4 Apple, 4 Raspberry, 4 Strawberry.)

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Candy Cane Glow Sticks (4 pack)

Candy Cane Glow Sticks (4 pack)
Check Price for Candy Cane Glow Sticks (4 pack)

Get a sweet Holiday memento in these 6″ Candy Cane Glow Sticks! They are powerful white, Glow Sticks with red, printed stripes. Simply crack the Glow Stick and release the inner chemicals for an instant Glow that will last 6-8 hours. Each Glow Stick comes with a 31″ red, lanyard so that you can wear the Candy Canes as necklaces or hang as decorations. 4 Glow Sticks with lanyards per package..

Green Glow Cross Necklaces (50-Pack)

Green Glow Cross Necklaces (50-Pack)
Check Price for Green Glow Cross Necklaces (50-Pack)

These Cross Necklaces will be the perfect addition to your Glow outfit! The Cross is actually a Glow Stick so crack it and shake to activate. Then place the provided black cord through the necklace hole. These are perfect for all church events and special holidays. Sold in 50-packs..

6″ Battery Powered Blacklight

Check Price for 6

This mini-flourescent Blacklight is only 6″ long but packs a powerful punch! It’s 4 watts, 365 nanometers longwave. You can use it to validate cards, money, and other items. It will detect invisible ink, pet stains, scorpions and other insects. It has an attached lanyard loop to keep it with your luggage or on a necklace.

Batteries: 4 AA (not included)..

Wedding Party Pack: Version 2

Wedding Party Pack: Version 2
Check Price for Wedding Party Pack: Version 2

Check another thing off your wedding To-Do-List with our Wedding Party Pack!

(6) Liquid Activated Champagne Cups: White
(6) Glow Heart Shaped Glasses Red Retail Carded
(6) White Petal LED Rose
(2) Light-Up Heart
(6) Light Up Centerpiece Cone
(1) Light Up Martini Olive Picks (6PK) Blue
(5) Acrylic Flower Ring
(5) Flashing Flower Bracelet
(2) Jumbo Heart Ring
(2) LED Diamond Bling Ring
(5) Flameless Shrouded Candle
(5) Light Up Love Hearts: Head Boppers
(5) Light Up Heart Ring
(1) White 22 Glow Necklaces – Premium
(1) White 8 Glow Bracelets – Premium

Economy Glow Necklace – Red (50-Pack)

Economy Glow Necklace - Red (50-Pack)
Check Price for Economy Glow Necklace - Red (50-Pack)

We are pleased to introduce our economy value line of glow necklaces. If you are looking for value, look no further! Our economy line glow necklaces are made by NiteLiteGlo, and are comparable to the quality you would expect at eBay, Amazon, and other online discount glow necklace sites. Our economy glow necklaces are 5mm instead of the 6mm that is used in premium necklaces and are not as bright as our other glow necklaces, but provide the best glow for the dollar. This is the least expensive glow necklace on the market. Free shipping does not apply to this product on quantities of 1000 pieces or more. Shipping costs will be shown during the checkout process. We reserve the right to limit quantities. Item Code: GLO-E22RE Product Color: Red Width: 5mm – Length: 22″ Shelf Life: 1+ Year Glow Duration: 4-8 Hours Product Packaging: Bulk Sold in Increments of: 50 (1 tube) Necklaces per Case: 1000 Connectors: Included (not attached) Suggested Retail: $1.00- $2.00.

Light Up Jelly Necklaces

Light Up Jelly Necklaces
Check Price for Light Up Jelly Necklaces

Flashing LED Light Up Jelly Necklaces are an extremely popular Lighted Necklace with and LED light and gushy jelly spike ball. Ideal for children’s party favors or simple game prizes, these are sure to bring a smile and a laugh to anyone’s face. Sold individually. These awesome Necklaces come as clear jelly spike balls with red, green, and blue LED lights within. Give them a squeeze and set the super flash mode off.

One flash mode. Batteries included (non-replaceable). Lanyard included.

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